Karlheinz Essl

Sequitur V  (2008)  #08mn — première suisse
for toy piano and live electronics
© Julia Wesely
En concert
Toy! Toy! Toy! - di 13.3 17h


Being already familiar with the toy piano, Karlheinz fortunately included this very instrument in his wonderful Sequitur series. In some ways this piece is a logical continuation of compositional ideas he explored in Kalimba. By listening and reacting to the complex electronic accompaniment, the performer has much more

creative freedom than in a piece with fixed media, and always experiences moments of surprise. Sequitur V makes use of a two-octave range, and I play it on a 25-key Schoenhut tabletop toy piano. I premiered the piece at the Alte Schmiede, Vienna, on 20 June 2008.

Isabel Ettenauer