Karlheinz Essl

WebernSpielWerk  (2005/2012)  #06mn — première suisse
for toy piano and ring modulator
© Julia Wesely
En concert
Toy! Toy! - di 13.3 15h

is a "mini version" of the sound installation WebernUhrWerk, which was composed for the 60th anniversary of Anton Webern's death – an algorithmic music for computer-controlled carillon. Karlheinz created an exactly notated score of the piece for toy piano for me. Both works were premiered on 15 September 2005 at the

Komponistenforum Mittersill. On this CD I play the piece on a three-octave Michelsonne, accompanied by Karlheinz on the ring modulator. The composition has four movements: I. espressivo – "mit einem gewissen sprechenden Ausdruck" – II. Molto rubato – III. Gemessenen Schritts ("wie Totenglocken") – IV. sehr frei – "molto intenso".

Isabel Ettenauer