Karlheinz Essl

Sequitur XIV  (2009)  #12mn — première suisse
for kalimba and live electronics
© Julia Wesely
En concert
Toy ! - di 13.3 13h

In 2008, Karlheinz Essl started a series of compositions entitled Sequitur. Over a period of two years he created 14 works for various solo instruments and live electronics which were inspired by Luciano Berio's Sequenze cycle. As in Berio, each Sequitur composition explores the specific sound world of a single solo instrument. However, Essl goes even further and confronts each instrument with a very complex electronic accompaniment. The especially

developed Sequitur Generator (written in Max/MSP) processes the live input of the solo instrument in real time and creates a complex 8-part canon – hence the title Sequitur, the Latin word for "it follows". Being confronted with their own playing in all sorts of mutations, the performers often feel though they were in a house of mirrors, Sequitur XIV was written for Jennifer Hymer and her Kalimba! Project.

Isabel Ettenauer