Matthias Pintscher

Mar'eh  (2010-2011)  #23mn — première suisse
pour violon et orchestre

En concert
Série Grands Classiques de l'OSR - je 10.3 20hSilence et Retour - ve 11.3 20h


Mar'eh is a Hebrew word that means 'face, sign.' [It] can also mean the aura of a face, a beautiful vision, something wonderful which suddenly appears before you. I came across this word when I thought of the fine lines which Julia Fischer [dédicataire de l'œuvre NDLR] can spin with her instrument — this very intensive, but light play. The 'wonderful appearance' is a metaphor for the sound-aura of the entire concerto.

Mar'eh continually materializes new sounds out of nothing, with the violin acting

as protagonist. I have tried to shape the whole [work] in a very song-like fashion, so that the violin starts at the beginning and draws a line – or its vision – through to the end in the most varied registers, often quite high where it can only be continued in harmonics…[it is a] continual pacing-out of a line. As part of the transparent sonority, the orchestra answers in gesture what the violin evokes and then realizes its own tone-color melody.

Matthias Pintscher