Ji Youn Kang

machi-nory  (2013)  #17mn — première suisse
pour disklavier

«One of the most interesting aspect of the Disklavier is its communicative prowess. The instrument does not just receive MIDI signals (in this case from a computer), it can also send information. This inspired me to think deeply about making the process self-perpetuating so the Disklavier can play itself. Such a situation differs fundamentally from being sent performance data by a pre-programmed computer. Especially in the area of

live electronics, this enables the composer to build an entire musical form and structure using the computer. The feedback is searchable; both in relation to the data required to play the Disklavier and to the sounds produced, including the familiar piano and other (mechanical) sounds. Such an idea, I believe, can be the starting point for enhancing the characteristics of the Disklavier as a self-playable instrument.»

Jo Youn Kang